Cum sunt Vazuti Romanii

Normal ca romanii sunt vazuti ca tigani in afara tarii. Am avut dintotdeauna o mare frustrare legat de frica de a fi vazut drept tigan, oriunde in afara tarii. Mi-e frica de reactia pe care as avea-o in cazul in care as fi clasificat drept asa ceva. Recent, un coleg mi-a atras atentia legat de o emisiune destul de cunoscuta, in care s-au spus niste chestii pe care unii care gandesc la fel ca mine le-ar putea considera ofensatoare. Pentru ca inca mai sunt oameni care sunt satui sa taca si sa inghita, si inca mai au puterea si dorinta de a incerca macar sa faca ceva in a schimba niste idei preconcepute, fata de majoritatea oamenilor care isi accepta soarta lor mizerabila, si desi poate sunt deranjati nu vor face niciodata nimic legat de asta, colegul meu a scris urmatoarele.

Hello, I'm sending this email regarding a part of the show with DJ Shantel, the part where he talks about "romanian manele gangsta music". First off, I'd like to clarify that this music is not of Romanian origin, that mr. Florin Salam (Salam = salami, by the way) is a gypsy, and the music he's singing is of gypsy origin, so DJ Shantel is denigrating our national values and traditional music. The music he's singing is of a rare kind of subculture, much worse than any other music you've ever heard (if you understand its lyrics), all "manele" singers nowadays are of gypsy origin, and they sing about getting drunk, their "value" (as in superiority, although nonexistent, because they don't show any intellectual superiority of any kind), enemies and so on.

There's a big, big difference between "lautareasca" music, which has background and culture, and "manele" which is true crap, which I'll explain: As you can see here, the general public doesn't like or endorse this kind of music, and all commonly agree that it's of a very bad taste and it portrays all kind of bad behavior and subculture. Lautareasca music, on the other hand, is very different, and you can find more information here: it has cultural background, it isn't about value, enemies, subculture, or anything like that, and overall it's a very different thing from manele, even if the negatives (music samples) are somewhat similar. If you'd like to truly see the difference, I'd suggest you get a translator and have it explain each music's lyrics and message.

If (as DJ Shantel said he'd want) this music would reach clubs in other countries, it would just help spread subculture and retardation, overall, which I don't think that are values at all, nevertheless worth spreading. In conclusion, I think the citizens of Romania deserve an apology from him by associating them with gypsies, and this kind of music, and to clearly draw the line between Romanian traditional music, lautareasca music and manele, which isn't music at all. I expect an official answer to this email. In the event you choose to ignore it, I will do my best to spread the word by all media forms, to stop this continuous association between Romanian people and Gypsy people, besides the fact that Radio One wouldn't care about its listeners' opinions.